This post has been long overdue. I’ve been home for over three weeks now and not much has happened. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’ve gone crossed two states off my “haven’t been to” list – Georgia and Florida. I’ve sat in the car for a ridiculous amount of time (around 44 hours in a span of less than a week). I’ve seen our new home in Winter Haven and I’ve gotten a couple appointments out of the way.

But in the scheme of things, it feels like I haven’t done much. The boredom has also set in. Yes, I grew up in Eldridge, but I don’t have friends my own age here. My closest friends here are two family friends – one who is a business teacher at the high school and another who is the History Day advisor. It’s not because people moved away. It’s because I moved away. Eldridge is one of those places where you are friends with people from your kindergarten class. And since high school wasn’t a wonderful experience (whose is?), I come home to see a few teachers, see my family and go to my favorite restaurants.

This didn’t use to bother me. Yes, I got bored. And yet, there was always something for me to do for Mom or I usually took a class at Scott to keep me occupied. This summer, however, I have returned from Aberystwyth more of an extrovert. I crave people’s company – and different people’s company. I miss being able to pop in to a friend’s house in Aber on a few minutes notice and just chat over a cup of tea.

There’s not much for me to do here in Eldridge. I can pack up the house, I can sort and clean. But that’s about it. My time is spent doing that or being with my family. I’ve been home for a little over three weeks and I’m already going insane with boredom. I need a huge project. And I need people to visit me!

Until later, hugs for all!