Since I moved in on the 27th, life has given me a few huge curveballs. My flat wasn’t what I was expecting, moving cost more and my savings weren’t accessible until much later in August … needless to say, it was a lot to handle.

Yet, I was confident it would all work out- I had interviewed for a great job and felt confident I would get it and money issues would be gone. Wishful thinking. On Thursday morning I got the email that I had been rejected from the position.

That’s when reality hit. I was going to have to take out loans. I was going to have to put saving for a Europe trip on hold. I was going to have to be incredibly careful about my spending habits. I felt like somehow everything had failed. Luckily my sister and then later, my parents were there to say, “It’s scary now, but you’ll make it.”

They left today and I felt so so alone. There was a necklace I saw on Pinterest that gave me pause: “Believe in this moment.” And it became a motto throughout the day. Maybe yes, the money will be tight and until I get a job, scary. But if I can believe that this moment, this now will be great and I can get through it, I think I can win the war.

Until later!