I’ve been in graduate school for a little over a month now – wow how time flies! It’s been a blast and a curse all at the same time. It’s been so fulfilling and also left me questioning my decisions. And while it’s not overly challenging, it is incredibly time consuming. Here’s what an average week looks like for me:

8 hours of class

10 hours of research for a professor

1 book to read (usually hitting around 300 pages)

12 articles to read

1 paper

Once I start my job at the National Archives (hello, government shutdown?!), I’ll add 20 hours a week of work there to my list. And so, I believe it is time to end this blog. I cannot give it the attention it deserves and so let it fall by the wayside. The memories will remain forever, even after cyberspace decides to eliminate these posts.

It has been an incredibly journey and one I’m so happy to have shared with you all! May you all have as fulfilling a time exploring the world and your lives as I did (and do) my own.

Peace and bests,